School Leadership

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees supports the work of The Next Step Public Charter School by providing strategic governance and mission-based leadership so as to support the organization’s mission and needs; to represent the perspective and interests of TNSPCS faculty and staff; and to report to staff as necessary and appropriate.

TNSPCS’ board of trustees typically is composed of one staff representative, one parent, one alumnus and other community members who provide critical expertise and essential skills to the oversight of a nonprofit educational institution, including in the areas of law, finance, fundraising, technology and education.

Current Members of the Board of Trustees:

John Ingold, Chair 

Celine Fejeran, Vice-Chair

Jorge Estrada, Treasurer

Karen E. Burkes, Secretary

Natalie C. Eckford

Ritija Gupta

Will Ragland

Jeffrey Noel

Eleonor Velasquez

Jill Bryson, Staff Representative

Raisa Ortiz, Student Representative

Filiberto Sanchez, Student Representative

Julie Meyer, Executive Director, Ex-Officio

Arturo Martinez, Day Principal, Ex-Officio

Juan Carlos Martinez, Evening Principal, Ex-Officio

Management Team

The day-to-day leadership and governance of The Next Step is provided by members of the Management Team, which is comprised of the Executive Director, the two Principals, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, the Director of Student Support Services and the Chief Operating Officer. The Executive Director designates key school leadership to participate in the Management Team for purposes of overall school supervision and strategizing, budgeting, compliance issues and hiring needs, among other issues.

Current Members of the Management Team:

Jonathan Mathis, Ph.D.  Executive Director

Arturo Martinez, Day Principal

Juan Carlos Martinez, Evening Principal

Oscar Ramírez, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Brandi Shelton, LICSW, Director of Student Support and Engagement 

Taunya A. Melvin, Chief Operating Officer