Student Support Services

The Next Step offers a variety of support services outside the classroom that are intended to remove obstacles to learning. Through the following resources, we work to assist students in navigating transportation, housing, family assistance, college and career readiness and many other needs.

Case Management

We offer wrap-around case management services to all of our students. Our Case Managers complete an in-depth needs assessment of each student to evaluate what social, physical and emotional supports will enable the student to grow academically. In addition, our Case Managers also connect and help students navigate social services.

Bullying Prevention Policy

At The Next Step we recognize that a school that is physically and emotionally safe and secure for all students promotes good citizenship, increases student attendance, engagement, and supports academic achievement. To protect the rights of all students for a safe and secure learning environment, TNSPCS prohibit acts of bullying, harassment, and other forms of aggression and violence. To view The Next Step's Bullying Prevention Policy, click here.

Dialogue Circles

The Next Step uses restorative practices, such as Dialogue Circles, to build community and academic achievement as well as to repair harm when conflict occurs. Dialogue Circles, which are voluntary for staff and students, are offered during lunch and provide a space for sharing and exploring topics such as culture, reading, typing, art, music, dance, parenting, and health and fitness.

College & Career Readiness

Our College & Career Readiness program is designed to help The Next Step students and alumni plan and implement their goals for post-secondary school and/or career paths. Our full-time College & Career Readiness Coordinators provide guidance on employment, vocations, and college. In addition, our College & Career Readiness Coordinators also help students access financial resources to continue their education. For more information on our College & Career Readiness program, click here

Tutoring Services

Our staff and volunteer tutors allow us to provide our students with individualized instruction, enabling them to progress at their own pace. One-on-one and group volunteering opportunities with our students are available during our day and night school programs. Interested in becoming a volunteer tutor at Next Step? Click here.

Student Surveys

TNSPCS students, please complete the surveys here for the Student Support Services department.