Assessments Coordinator, Day School


Assessments Coordinator, Day School


Department:            Assessments

Reports to:               Director of Assessments

FLSA Status:           Non-Exempt

Hours:                       8:30 AM – 4:30 PM



·      BA/BS in any field

·      Bilingual in Spanish and English with outstanding written, verbal, and interpersonal skills in both languages

·      1-3 years of experience working in schools and/or working with at-risk youth


Preferred Qualifications

·      1-3 years of teaching experience

·      Experience proctoring standardized assessments

·      Familiarity with the GED exam and related educational assessments


Essential Skills (including technical skills) and Experience

·      Work independently and with others in a wide variety of circumstances

·      Communicate professionally and effectively with a diverse population

·      Highly organized and efficient

·      Ability to maintain confidentiality when working with sensitive information

·      Fluency with software, hardware and online programs, including the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.), Google Drive, both Windows and Apple operating systems, and school data systems

  • Familiarity with educational programming for bilingual and diverse student populations
  • Culturally competent with a proven ability to demonstrate equity, non-bias and inclusivity when working with all students and staff members regardless of their age, nationality, race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, educational background or any other factors




Placement Testing & Enrollment Responsibilities

●      Coordinate directly with school registrar(s) to schedule placement testing sessions for new and re-enrolling students in the month(s) prior to each academic term

●      Provide new students with an informative and welcoming introduction to The Next Step PCS prior to placement testing sessions

●      Proctor placement tests for new and re-enrolling students during the enrollment periods from Dec. – Feb. and June – Sept.

●      Grade and upload placement test results in QuickBase in a timely fashion following each placement testing session

●      Proctor WIDA Screener testing for new EL students as part of the enrollment process at the start of the school year

●      Proctor WIDA ACCESS testing for all EL students in the second semester

●      Determine class placement for students at the start of each academic term based on assessment results

●      Create student assessment files for all new students and maintain up to date assessment files for all current and re-enrolling students each semester


GED Program Responsibilities

●      Hold GED information sessions with all GED students at the start of each academic term

●      Assist new GED students in creating accounts at at the start of each academic term

●      Have individual meetings with GED students to discuss documentation needed at the start of each academic term

●      Collaborate with service providers in order to assist students in acquiring government-issued identifications as needed

●      Collect required identification and residency documents for GED students

●      Maintain updated records of GED students’ documentation and make copies as needed

●      Register GED students for Official GED testing at the DC GED office

●      Proctor GED Ready computer-based assessments during one-week periods several times per school year

●      Regularly enter GED Ready results in QuickBase throughout the school year using data from GED Manager database

●      Schedule Official GED tests for eligible students on the portal

●      Accompany students to the DC GED office for Official GED Testing

●      Regularly enter Official GED test results in Quickbase throughout the school year using data from the GED Manager database

●      Print and disseminate GED Ready and Official GED score reports via the GED Manager to teachers, tutors, and students as requested

●      Maintain updated GED files for each active student in the GED program


Post-Testing Responsibilities

●      Create testing rosters for school-wide post-testing

●      Create and populate post-testing testing sessions in QuickBase

●      Prepare and deliver all necessary testing materials to teachers prior to the start of post-testing (pencils, calculators, test books, scantrons, etc.)

●      Monitor hallways and classrooms during post-testing; assist teachers as needed with proctoring

●      Collect and inventory all testing materials from teachers after post-testing

●      Grade and upload post-testing results into Quickbase in a timely manner

●      Print post-testing results and distribute to students and staff as requested


Other Assessment Responsibilities

●      With guidance and support from the Director of Assessments, complete other assessments tasks as needed. These may include but are not limited to:

○   Order administrative and office supplies for the Assessments Department

○   File, scan, and/or photocopy student assessment records

○   Maintain all assessment department spaces and materials clean, organized, and functional

○   Purchase GED Ready and Official GED vouchers from the GED Marketplace

○   Order and set up special meals related to school-wide Assessment Department events


General Responsibilities of all Staff Members

As a member of The Next Step staff, this position also involves the following:

·      Fully embrace and promote The Next Step’s mission and values

·      Develop and maintain positive and supportive relationships with all students and staff members regardless of background, origin, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or home language

·      Consistently implement school-wide expectations in common areas

·      Participate actively in special events, community days, and graduations that occur on site, community meetings and staff meetings as needed.

·      Work cooperatively with colleagues to develop and implement effective and relevant policies

·      Adhere to school policies as described in employee handbook

·      Reflect upon performance, set goals for improvement, and take advantage of training opportunities to learn and implement effective strategies

·      Maintain an organized, clean, and inviting work area

·      Other duties as assigned by supervisor


Supervision and evaluation

This position will be supervised and evaluated by the Director of Assessments.


If you meet the qualifications, and would like to apply to this position, please forward your resume and cover letter to:, with “Assessments Coordinator, Day School” in the subject line.