Registrar - Night School

Department:              Administration

Reports to:                 Enrollment Manager

FLSA Status:              Exempt

Hours:                        Monday to Thursday: 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Purpose of position

The position of Registrar is critical to the success of The Next Step Public Charter School.  The registrar enrolls and withdraws students, inputs data in the student information system, maintains the student roster and prepares student records. The Next Step staff engages and motivates young adults by developing positive relationships with them and supporting them as they face academic and life challenges. As members of the Next Step community, registrars value academic achievement, persistence, responsibility, structure, support, collaboration and respect.


·       High school diploma or equivalent, Bachelor’s degree preferred

·       Two to four years of specific job-related office experience and pertinent training

Essential Skills

·       Strong writing and communication skills

·       Extremely well organized and efficient

·       Fluency with software, hardware, basic office equipment, and online programs used to track, maintain, and disseminate data

·       Must be able to communicate in Spanish and English orally and in writing


·       Meet with prospective new students and parents to determine enrollment eligibility, help them fill out applications, and collect and file required enrollment documentation.

·       Navigate students through the enrollment process.

·       Enter student data in the student information system.

·       Obtain school records from previous schools and agencies.

·       Schedule placement tests and interviews for applicants.

·       Record completion of each enrollment step in the student information system.

·       Make and distribute student ID’s.

·       Assist Enrollment Manager in ensuring compliance with external systems and reporting.

·       Assist Enrollment Manager with the Enrollment Audit & Child Count, as needed.

·       Create and maintain student files (label, file enrollment documents, tests).

·       Create and maintain student roster.

·       Write and distribute tardy passes and early departure passes as needed.

·    Withdraw students from student information system (using appropriate codes for) upon receiving notice from the Attendance and Transportation Monitor.

·    Scan student files upon withdrawal.

·    Respond to record requests, following FERPA regulations.


General responsibilities of all staff members


As a member of The Next Step staff, this position also involves

·       Fully embrace and promote The Next Step’s mission, vision, and values

·       Develop and maintain positive and supportive relationships with all students

·       Consistently implement school-wide expectations in classrooms and common areas

·       Participate actively in staff meetings, promotion meetings, START meetings, Monday community meetings, and front office meetings

·       Participate actively in special events, including field trips, community days, college tours, graduations, etc.

·       Participate actively in school responsibilities such as hallway and lunch supervision

·       Work cooperatively with colleagues to develop and implement effective and relevant policies

·       Adhere to school policies as described in personnel manual and/or staff handbook

·       Reflect upon performance, set goals for improvement, and take advantage of training opportunities to learn and implement effective strategies

·       Maintain an organized, clean, and inviting work area


If you meet the qualifications, and would like to apply, please forward your resume and cover letter to:, including “Evening Registrar” in the subject line